Saturday, September 26, 2009

  This website is designed to be displayed particularly at events where generally courageous people are in attendance. Many people reading these words have never been associated with the description, ”coward”.

I am sure many of you have shown greater courage than this writer ever has. This does not logically imply such courageous people are not acting cowardly on the issue in question. We are all relatively inconsistent.

The leadership of the US peace movement stands strongly AGAINST asking the hard questions about 911, the most central political event of our lives, unless, arguably, you were alive during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

It is almost impossible to find a critic of the 911truth efforts who does not use personal attacks over evidence and logic. Anyone who can politely critique our best evidence has my admiration. Do note evidence accumulates and a full examination at one time might come to a different conclusion another time.

Because evidence that Arab Americans should not be held responsible for 911 would weaken US support for war, it should not be suppressed. If bin Laden was in US employ up until 9/11, as former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds recently reported, suppression of 911 truth efforts must be reversed by all who seek peace.

I, David Slesinger, radicalized in during the Vietnam War, declare here and now that I am emotionally ready to do civil disobedience against left institutions. The emphasis will be on serving time in jail to touch the hearts of peace activists who cooperate in suppressing 911truth. The emphasis will be to self limit any disruption to be only minimally more than necessary to be arrested.

I consider most leftists have good hearts, making it easier to touch them.

I respect the left enough* that I wouldn’t be surprised if such civil disobedience could be completely avoided. I also do not expect to force an arrest,yet. If enough leftists come forward to engage me in the soon (We all get distracted by life. If you are willing to engage me call 443-682-8725, or email me at NOW to initiate contact.), civil disobedience might be greatly more restrained, or maybe curtailed altogether. If you’re too busy to fully engage me now, but would like to find time at some point, let me know that.

*I tell two stories from my antinuclear activism days explaining why I have such respect for left radicals.

Once in 1980, at an important meeting of the Coalition for Direct Action at Seabrook I was arguing in opposition to Stephe Prieston, one of the most respected activists involved. He made his point. I made mine. Then another brother I didn’t recognize made a point agreeing with Stephe. Stephe knew the brother did not have his facts straight. He corrected that brother’s error, thus declining to take advantage of the brother’s support. Most mainstream activists wouldn’t be as principled.

In 1982 (or soon after) Bonnie Raitt and now Congressman Jon Hall had to tour to pay of the Musicians United for Safe Energy debt. The debt was incurred because the rights to make a movie of the MUSE concerts was sold at too low a price. The Aballone Alliance house organ blamed Sam Lovejoy for the error. They argued he should have made the decision after more collective consultation. They did NOT accuse Sam of lying, stealing, or acting in bad faith. Please note Sam told me personally they wrote the piece I read without ever interviewing him. The point for me is that the left is much more likely to be self serving of some principle or misguided belief they hold to rather than personally self serving like so many liberals.


Why Propaganda Trumps Truth By Paul Craig Roberts

Left Progressive Media Inside the Propaganda Model
By Peter Phillips and Project Censored
In this study researchers at Project Censored explore the degree to which the propaganda model of understanding self-censorship extends throughout the media culture including left-of- center independent media organizations. We examine the deepening propaganda model pressures inside the corporate media and hypothesize the potential for these pressures to impact left progressive media in the US

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